Friday, 23 November 2012

Emma Cook for Topshop Wishlist #28

Erm.. how amazing is this?! I personally had never heard of Emma Cook before so when I saw a wonderful wintery, sparkly display with her name on it on the homepage of I was mesmerised. The collection seems to be based around woodland animals, shiny, real-life looking prints, Christmas lights and wrapping paper! Perfect. The items above are my favourite things but I'd gladly have all of it. You can see the whole collection and her Wonderland edit here.

1. Print Party Dress - This is the first thing that caught my eye, I love the cut of the dress and the print is just amazing.

2. Ceramic Deer Vase - Weird or wonderful? Both? I personally love this and would gladly have it in my house. Anyone want to buy it for me for Christmas?

3. Bunny Soap - Bunny soap with a shiny pink hat/mask. Totally wacky but I want!

4. Deer Duvet Cover - I actually think this is stunning. If I had a double bed it would be mine already.

5. Silk Fairylights Dress - This could only be pulled off by certain people I think. On the wrong person (me) it would look like something your overweight great aunt could wear but it's actually a lovely cut and it's 100% silk!

6. Xmas Print Plate - I'd love a whole set of these plates, so cute.

7. Print Make Up Bag - This is the same print as the dress, I would buy this but I've just bought a new make up bag. Might be sticking it on the Christmas list though.

If you haven't gathered already I absolutely love this collection, probably one of the best I've seen from Topshop. Everything is perfect for gifts or a nice treat for yourself.

What do you think of the Emma Cook for Topshop range?

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  1. omg the cover with the bambi on it.. i love it !

  2. I LOVE Emma Cook! She collaborated with Toppers before about 3 years ago (I think) it was all adorable little deer on dresses and things, it was so lovely. I love the pjs in this collection and that duvet cover is beautiful! xxx

  3. This is beautiful! I LOVE the bunny soap!

  4. These look so beautiful! I've never heard of Emma Cook before but I'm definitely checking out the collection now :) The prints look so cool!

    Pip x

  5. I love this range!! The bed cover is so cute, i want it!!

    Lucy xo

  6. I think I want the bunny soap the most! I like the make up bag too. xo

  7. I was on Topshop earlier and saw all these products, they are so pretty! I adore the soap it's so cute :)


  8. i think this collection is so cute too! i spied the duvet set and totally wanted it but i don't have a double bed either :( the makeup bag is really cool also xx

  9. that deer duvet is so cute ^.^

    lovely blog!! <3

    x0 chelsea

  10. this collection is amazing! i love the bedding! AWESOME

  11. Aw I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want this dress!

  12. I really want both of those dresses! The print is amazing!

  13. Aww the bunny soap is so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |


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